Hi I’m chris,

Okay so where do I start. Well…

I have always been drawn towards the creative arts whether its film, photography or music. When Ive not got a camera in my hand I will most likely have a guitar performing music. During my time in collage I studied film and television alongside music technology where I picked up a range of skills and qualifications in audio and film photography. I knew from a very young age this is where my natural abilities were. 

After leaving collage I then landed my first professional job as a photographer working for one of the largest school photography companies in the UK, Braiswick Photographic. At Braiswick I received professional training in portraiture photography, and was trained to a high standard in studio and ambiance lighting. Working professionally as a portrait photographer I have photographed thousands of different people of all ages on a daily basis in new and exciting locations all over the UK. I excelled within the company quickly working my way to a senior photographer position where I was responsible for mentoring and teaching new photographers the basics of professional portrait photography and setups. It was at Braiswick where I learnt that the photos I was capturing was carrying such an important message and lasting memories of happiness which was bringing joy to many families lives. “I have the best job in the world!” I thought, and after gaining over 4 years of professional experience as a photographer, I was then looking into my next big adventure. This inspired me to become freelance and to set up my own photography production company, Chris Richard Photography.

Now having set up Chris Richard Photography, I have branched out into shooting weddings, family shoots, animal shoots, parties, property\ estate photography and professional head shots. I love that I’m always meeting new and exciting people and feel lucky to call them my clients. In a nutshell I feel extremely grateful for every opportunity that has come my way and I am always looking for that next big challenge. My work not only brings joy to my clients lives but mine also. And that is the best part of my job.

Thank you for reading.